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Notary Assistance

Notary Assistance

At Index, We provide notary services/assistance to help you achieve the very best results in your legal case. In UAE, chances are you will need to have a document notarized at some point. You may seek out the services of a notary services/assistance to fulfil mandatory legal requirements. Turn to us for other top-quality services as well, including court reporting and transcriptions, video and audio conferencing, remote depositions, and much more.

Index with our 30 plus years of experience can play a big part in setting up your business in UAE. Our extensive experience in local business, good working knowledge about the rules and regulations of UAE will be an added advantage to your company.


Power Of Attorney

We at Index with our expert panel of legal advisors will help you in providing all kind of POA services in UAE. We have more than 30 years of experience in handling all kind of POA services. Anyone can give Power of Attorney to someone else provided they are of the required legal age (21 years old) and of the requisite mental capacity. A Power of Attorney, also called a POA, is a document where one person (the principal) appoints another person (the attorney-in-fact or agent) to act on their behalf with respect to certain legal matters. This includes real estate, finance, bank account, vehicle, business, and more.


Notarization of certificates provides assurance to companies / individuals the authenticity of the signatures that appear on the legal document. It is the basic procedure of Authentication which is done before any other Attestation procedures in which the document bears a Notary Stamp of a Notary Public Offices. Our team at Index is experienced in handling every stage of the document legalization process, ensuring that your corporate and private documents are legally recognized abroad. We help companies / individuals in notarial functions like attestation of academic certificates, diplomas, marriage and birth certificates issued in India, power of attorney and other such documents.


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